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Pressure Washing

Guarantee the removal of stubborn grime, mildew, and dirt with our pressure washing services. Our Softwash Experts team uses professional cleaning techniques and locally sourced products to ensure spotless results. Call us today at (636) 578-9457 to request consultation. We provide friendly pressure washing service in St. Charles, MO, and beyond.

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Why Hire a Professional Power Washing Service?

Routine cleaning and soft washing is essential to maintaining the integrity of a residential or commercial property. Our OSHA-10 certified service ensures powerful cleaning is done properly to avoid risk of damage. Here are just a few amazing benefits of professional pressure washing service:

Professional power washing services in St. Charles, MO
Mildew prevention

Our 12-month guarantee ensures the expert removal of grime to prevent a devastating risk to health and safety.

Reliable power washing services in St. Charles, MO
Preventative maintenance

We uncover hard to reach spots, revealing issues such as rotting wood or loose siding before damage worsens.

Expert pressure washing services in St. Charles, MO
Curb appeal

Cleaning maintains and increases the value of your beloved home or business, leaving it fresh, glowing, and rejuvenated.

We Specialize in All Types of Exterior Cleaning

We use state-of-the-art equipment to enhance the appearance and protect the integrity of your property. Our team of certified technicians cleans the following surfaces and more:

Professional pressure washing services in St. Charles, MO


We restore decks and patios to their former glory, taking care to remove unsightly stains and grime.

Expert driveways and sidewalk power washing services in St. Charles, MO

Driveways and sidewalks

Thorough driveway cleaning will leave the pathway to your property looking pristine and well-maintained.

Professional power washing pool deck services in St. Charles, MO

Pool decks

Expert technicians will remove algae and mold from stone patios, surrounding pool chairs, and more.

Professional fence pressure washing services in St. Charles, MO


Brighten outdoor property with expert vinyl and wood fence cleaning.

Ready to elevate your home? Request a consultation today!

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Softwash Experts professional pressure washing services in St. Charles, MO

Why Choose Us?

Discover why customers rely on us for friendly residential and commercial cleaning, staining, and sealing service. No matter the project, we guarantee:

  • Excellent customer service: From thorough gutter cleaning to detailed interior painting, we are dedicated to ensuring every need is met.
  • Detailed process: Our certified team takes care to clean every inch of the surface, no matter how small and hard to reach.
  • Responsible products: We use eco-friendly and locally created products to ensure responsible and damage-free cleaning.
  • Transparency and honesty: Our locally owned business is happy to answer any questions about our products, equipment, and services.

Learn more about us and why we care about our business and community.

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Don't allow mildew and grime to reduce the value of your property. Softwash Experts are here to provide dependable and professional cleaning service that shines. Request consultation with our friendly team or call us at (636) 578-9457 for more information. We are happy to serve St. Charles, MO, and surrounding areas, including St. Peters, Wildwood, Eureka, Fenton, Troy, and more.

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